Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum

The Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum is a premier venue for contemporary art exhibitions. It supports local, national, and international artists. It features a free docent program and school tours. The museum is easily accessible by car, bus, or light rail, and offers ample parking. It also offers free admission, and free artist talks and classes. Call your friends and family to visit this awesome museum at 1 E Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201.

The museum is dedicated to providing contemporary art education and making learning fun. Every May, the museum releases its Season Prospectus, which details upcoming exhibitions. The Season Prospectus also includes guidelines for submissions. The Season Prospectus is an excellent way to learn about upcoming exhibits and events. It is available for free on the museum's website. Great post.

The gallery also features several works by Arizona artist Alexandra Bowers, who is known for her intricate nature-inspired works. She uses art to create an atmosphere of peace and healing. In her latest installation, Bowers immortalized in wood over 1,000 photographs of feathers taken by local residents. In addition, her drawings are moved by a light breeze. The award-winning artist has been selected to display her work in the Museum's 2020 North Gallery.

One of the museum's annual art exhibitions features contemporary crafts from around the world. These exhibits have become a benchmark for quality and innovation in the field. Contemporary crafts range from traditional craft mediums such as pottery, wood, and metals to contemporary ones such as papermaking. Whether you are interested in exploring a new medium or learning more about a traditional one, the exhibition is sure to inspire your creativity.

The Mesa Arts Center is a city-owned, award-winning facility located downtown. It houses four theaters, five art galleries, and 14 studios, as well as world-class touring artists. It also offers arts education classes. The building is a magnificent architectural showpiece. Seats are comfortable and prices are reasonable for the quality of performances. Learn more about Gilbert.

Children will enjoy this museum's "Robo Art" exhibition, which explores the relationship between art and science. The exhibition is a fantastic way to stimulate your child's imagination and learn while having fun. The Museum also has an ArtVille play area, where young children can engage in imaginative play activities.

Aside from the galleries on the ground floor, the museum also has a subterranean gallery showcasing works by internationally recognized and emerging visual artists. While the museum is open during the day, the galleries are closed at night. It is recommended to schedule a visit early in the day so that you can fully enjoy the museum's collection.

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