Top Dentists in Gilbert AZ

Who Are the Top Dentists in Gilbert AZ?

Have you heard of Dr. Brett Quackenbush? If not, you probably are not from the Phoenix area. Dr. Quackenbush has not only held his reputation as one of the top dentists in Gilbert, a town in Maricopa County that is located southeast of Phoenix, Arizona, but he has held his title by being voted as the top dentist in Phoenix by Phoenix Magazine for 17 years in a row. The winner of this survey is based upon the votes received from the entire population of practicing dentists who are in the valley. The online survey asks the respondents to chose the names of three dentists who they believe are the best in each of the nine specialties. The dentists who have the highest votes determined by their peers are those who are featured in the issue. To not have the recognition from other dentists, but also the support of nearby towns and cities as a top dentist, not only confirms this title is true, but is an extraordinary accomplishment to Dr. Quackenbush and the Timber Falls Pediatric Dentistry family for their exceptional service and comforting environment that they provide to all of their patients.

What Being the Top Dentist in Gilbert Really Means?

Going to one of the top dentists in Gilbert is nothing but reassuring that you will get the best oral treatment possible. However, when choosing a dentist for your children or family, wouldn’t you want to go where you are treated like a family? What makes Dr. Q. and the staff at Timber Falls Pediatric Dentistry stand out from the rest of them is that they are the best of both worlds. The team puts all its effort into providing quality service, but also genuinely care and focus on what is best for their clients. Timber Fall Pediatric Dentistry is all about the comfort and happiness of its patients which is ultimately why Dr. Quackenbush is the top dentist in gilbert. Come to Timber Falls Pediatric Dentistry and we promise you here you will find not only a friendly staff & the top rated dentist in Arizona, but you will:

  • Get the best oral care
  • Feel like part of the family
  • No longer will fear the dentist